06. 11. 2019

Komuna Hall

Runda Digital Day


Runda Digital day is a 3-day music conference focused on digital in music, in 3 cities, in Belgrade, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.

With new streaming market that is growing and with a potential market of 40 million people (20 million in Balkans, and 20 million from Balkans living abroad) this is an exciting time for music business and labels in the Balkan region. But not just Balkan labels but also international indie labels that will finally be able to get revenue and some sort of statistics from the region that is already having a lucrative and very vivid live music scene.

Lack of infrastructure in the last 20 years put us in the position where we were left behind the music business in the world and Runda aims to change that. Runda was founded in October 2018 by regional labels from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim to help growing record label business in the region.

When we did research among members one of the key issues was education. That’s why we decided to make Runda Digital Music day with the aim to provide to all key market players education and professional development. From basics like using and obtaining ISRC codes to guides how to use Spotify for Artists, to copyright basics and copyright in the digital era.

Event will be held in Slovenian, Serbian and English language.

Entrance is be free but with registration as limited seats are available. Registration:

Organisation: RUNDA – Regional Association of Independent Discographers – Balkans and sponsored by Merlin and supported by Impala – Independent Music Companies Association.

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