15. 06. 2017

Congress Square

sonica series xx


+ Lifecutter & 5237

In recent years, the traditional gathering at the June stage at Congress Square featured Plaid, New Wave Syria, Clark, Fennesz, Sculpture, Stellar Om Source, Random Logic, Bowrain, Niplodok, Izland and others. Though rain occasionally forced us to seek shelter in Kino Šiška, the message remains: contemporary electronic musicians belong on the roster of the city’s summer festival. We’re happy to announce that this year, the festival summer will be introduced by Roly Porter, supported by Lifecutter and 5237.

Roly Porter is a master of mighty cinematic landscapes, leading from black holes to inverse explosions and the birth and death of stars. Formerly half of dubstep duo Vex’d (alongside Kuedo), his solo performances, though deviating from club floors, echo rhythms that resound in the bass and synth lines, slowed down and spatial. After the exceptional albums Life Cycle of a Massive Star and Aftertime, his latest release, Third Law, which he will present on the June stage, seems more introspective, exploratory and full of extremes – silences and saturated sounds alike, which Porter utilises to explore his club roots, unspooling them into yet another original masterpiece.

The evening will be opened by Lifecutter, familiar as one half of noise duo Ontervjabbit and other varied acts. He describes his increasingly acclaimed solo project as experimental electronic techno, firmly founded in the live performance. In addition to techno and club music derivatives, his freshly released albums Death(c)rave and Safe Place also draw on industrial and dark noise. Lifecutter’s performance will be visually complemented by VJ 5237.

The concert is part of the June in Ljubljana festival, held at Congress Square, June 8-21, 2017.

Organisation: MoTA – Museum of Tranistory Art in coproduction with Kino Šiška.

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