19. 12. 2017

Komuna Hall




In December, Izar Lunaček’s Skype interviews with global comics stars are coming back to Stripolis.

His festive season guest will be the exceptional New York artist Robert Sikoryak, who made a name for himself through the flawless imitation of others’ comics, playing with global literary works – Kafka with Snoopy, Little Nemo with Dorian Gray and Batman in Crime and Punishment are just a few page titles of his classic work Masterpiece Comics. Its follow-up is on the way; meanwhile, the master easily sold out the entire issue of Trump quotes on the covers of old superhero comics at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, not to mention the Apple Terms and Conditions with Steve Jobs in the role of several dozen old and new comics characters.

The discussion will be held in English,

Organizacija: Kino Šiška.

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