28. 07. 2019

Katedrala Hall

metaldays aftershow


+ Firewind + MirrorPlain

Not even 48 hours will have passed since the end of the MetalDays festival before the one and only Queensrÿche play the official MetalDays aftershow at Kino Šiška in Ljubljana.

If there’s a band that can define the progressive metal genre, then that’s surely the American group Queensrÿche. Their album Operation Mindcrime is one of the most important milestones in the progressive metal genre. After 30 years of existence, the band hasn’t lost any of its edge or power, their timeless music is still there! On this tour, Queensrÿche will present their new album The Verdict and of course play all the hits of their immense discography.

As support, we’ll see the Greek power metal band Firewind, lead by guitarist Gus G, who also played a few years as the guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne. Firewind are fast, melodic, epic and fierce!

The show will be opened by the German heavy metal band MirrorPlain.

Tickets on sale online and at On-Parole outlets.

Organisation: KUD Veseli dihurčki.

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