06. 09. 2017

Katedrala Hall



The only regional club gig of the current princess of New York’s urban counterculture! After hedonists Le1f and Mykki Blanco, and hot on the heels of Cakes Da Killa, their much more rebellious compatriot Princess Nokia is coming to Šiška as well. She’ll be accompanied by Slavic gangsta geisha pop band transformer КУКЛА.

Trap? Hip hop? Bass music? Princess Nokia has a clear answer: I’m making worldly music—music that will talk to all kinds of people. Banjee girls in Harlem, teen brides in the Middle East, gay boys in East Asia. Labels no longer matter. My new music is cosmic and three-dimensional, and it will really speak of who Princess Nokia is. Princess Nokia is sound. It is progression. It is all that I am.”

A lengthier pause after the release of her debut album Metallic Butterfly was shattered by the nine-song album 1992, released last year. Princess Nokia’s first completely rap record, featuring pulsing beats and the lyrical manifesto of New York youth, born in the beginning of the 1990s, was emphasized as “should not miss” and one of the “15 Great Albums You Didn’t Hear in 2016” by Billboard and Rolling Stone.

The debut album of this unique DIY musical artist, Metallic Butterfly, a manifesto of the blend of tribal trip hop rhythms and post-internet cyber-feminism, had already been hailed by Vice Magazine as “one of the most exciting and ambitious independently released albums to come out of the New York underground in a long time”. More recently, the Guardian declared Princess Nokia as one of the phenomena of underground hip hop and R&B. All the more reason to adjust your autumn vacation plans as soon as possible!

КУКЛА is a self-proclaimed Slavic gangsta geisha pop band transformer, a musical project led by Kukla Kesherović. Singing mostly about weapons and love, КУКЛА is constantly at war with herself and with the outer world. Joined by two back vocalists and a VJ on stage, she lets her guard down, enriches her distinctive sound with opulent visuals and offers her heart on the plate.

Taking care of the afterparty will be Bojler, an AV collective combining DJs, scenographers, designers and photographers, promoting contemporary urban culture. Musically, Bojler represents primarily contemporary club trends in bass electronica, with Futon and TMA, as always, providing a hyped-up and varied selection.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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