23. 09. 2017

Kamera Gallery

Maska Institute and NDA Slovenia present a special issue of the MASKA magazine on archiving contemporary dance in the Balkans

The new thematic issue of Maska entitled Archiving Chorographical Practices in the Balkans presents case studies with interpretations of Balkan dance contexts, articles that have evolved alongside the archival and documentary work that took place within the Nomad Dance Institute project carried out by the Balkan dance network Nomad Dance Academy which presents the conclusion of the first phase of the work carried out by the group for archiving and documenting.

The publication will be presented by the editor in chief Andreja Kopač and the authors published in this issue: Jasmina Založnik, Rok Vevar and Ivana Ivković. The publication is supported by the Slovenian Book Agency, the European project DANCE ON PASS ON DREAM ON, and published in coproduction with Maska Institute and NDA Slovenia.

Participants: Ivana Ivković, Andreja Kopač, Rok Vevar, Jasmina Založnik

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