25. 02. 2020

Komuna Hall


Petra Strahovnik (SI/NL) in Ji Youn Kang (KR/NL)

sonic art performance series

Composer Petra Strahovnik has lived and worked in the Netherlands for several years, and will perform in Ljubljana as a traveler in the current space and time after a long time. Her companion this time will be Dutch-based Korean Ji Youn Kang, a composer and performer who divulges the relations between the musical and the physical space through Korean forms of shamanism.

The audio event will feature the song Resonance.

Resonance description: One of the distinctive, unique characteristics of the human beings could be the voice – even between two people it’s never the same. Of course we are not the only beings with the voice, but objects surrounding us have their own voices and their resonance frequencies too. Can we discover them? Can we make them sing? Can we create a choir together? Petra and Ji, during the performance, create a scene where found objects are stimulated by means of audio feedback on a resonating glass panel, aided by a transducer and a microphone attached to it. The objects speak with their own voices, sing, dance, and shout together, and eventually construct an organic unity. The performers are controlling and conducting them, creating a unique ‘harmony.’

Produced by: CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing. Co-produced by: Kino Šiška.

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