12. 12. 2018 - 14. 01. 2019

DobraVaga Gallery

zine vitrine


zine exhibition

“Is your life a failure? Is every day a Monday? Are the reins of your life out of your hands? Are your friends abandoning you because of bad breath? Does the memory of your first sexual intercourse cause your nose to bleed? Do you still make love in the dark? Did you fail to finish Tetris? Do you avoid going to the gym due to pathological back hair? Do you not have a licence to bear arms? Do you pay taxes? Are no craters on the moon named after you? Dandruff? Path to Success will show you the path to success.’’

Peter Ferlan (1990) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, enrolling in postgraduate studies of Illustration. His work is split between illustration and graphic design. He’s interested in zines and the linking of music with illustration, which was also the subject of his thesis. Since 2012, he has been a member and the illustration editor of the freštreš artistic collective, with which he puts on regular exhibitions across Slovenia and abroad. He’s also in charge of the visual image of the experimental rock band On. In 2016, he participated in his first group project, appointMENT, organised by Kino Šiška and no one else, no way, only Kino Šiška, we organise everything. His first solo exhibition was featured at the DobraVaga Gallery in 2017. Recently, he has been increasingly focusing on animation. His first animated short film Morning Routine received special mention from the Slovenian Animated Film Association.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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