30. 03. 2018

Katedrala Hall


+ Vizelj

The Belgrade kings of rock ‘n’ roll, headed by unbreakable frontman Cane, are returning to Šiška, where they threw a great party at the release of their album Sirotinjsko carstvo two years ago. The younger generation of Serbian rock ‘n’ roll will be represented by the cheeky trio Vizelj with that special charm that distinguished Šarlo Akrobata and early Azra.

Do we really need to introduce the Partibrejkers? During their nearly 40 (!) years of existence, these icons of the Balkan music scene wrote unforgettable Yugoslavian hymns and hits such as “Hoću da znam”, “Kreni prema meni” and “1000 godina”. They’ve played an incredible number of concerts, including the historic post-war comeback shows in Novi Sad and at the Tašmajdan Park in Belgrade, as well as one of their most cherished gigs, performing alongside Chuck Berry in Zagreb. Their intense blues rock and their activist stance set them down in the music history of our region as pure legends and a band that every one of us should catch live at least once in our life.

To conclude with Radio Študent‘s words following the Partibrejkers’ previous visit to Šiška: “Partibrejkers are still what they’ve always been, a band that remained loyal to themselves and never crossed over to the side of those who tried and try to make our lives lame and miserable, and that has for more than three decades uncompromisingly withstood everyday mindlessness with the understanding that even a good rock ‘n’ roll show needs to be conscientious and have a socially aware undertone.”

Cheeky, furious, electric. That’s young Belgrade trio Vizelj in a nutshell, continuing and developing the esteemed Yugoslavian tradition of rock ‘n’ roll directness in the footsteps of older brothers such as Repetitor, Straight Mickey and the Boyz and Crvi. Well, the band describe themselves even more succinctly – “the best” or Naj bolji, as they titled their full-length debut. The rocking record, enhanced with a collage of various influences, from Serbian folk and grunge to electronica and country, was released a little over a year ago via Odličan hrčak. Since then, the trio has, among other things, gone on a short Balkan tour with Slovenian duo It’s Everyone Else, and served up a new album and video, “Pustinja”, before the year was out. According to the band members, the new song is, of course – their best.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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