18. 03. 2021

Kino Šiška

Noctiferia plays Reforma – Tribute to Laibach

online concert

With their new album, legendary Slovenian metal band Noctiferia are paying tribute to another Slovenian legend – none other than Laibach. On this year’s album Reforma, some of Laibach’s most famous songs, such as “Tanz mit Laibach” and “Das Spiel Ist Aus”, have been reworked in Noctiferia’s unique style and will be played live on stream from Šiška.

If you could ascribe just one characteristic to Slovenian extreme metal greats Noctiferia, it would undoubtedly be fearlessness in pushing (their own) limits. Whether it’s bringing black metal to the masses by conquering a cult Slovenian video chart for ten weeks, international tours with renowned acts such as In Flames, Marduk and Hypocrisy, or evolving their own sound, whether towards industrial as on the albums Death Culture and Pax, or the acoustic versions of the Transnatura project – Noctiferia’s unique approach to music is always focused on freshness, diversity and originality.

No wonder, then, that the band found their latest challenge in Laibach, another daring explorer of musical expression. The album Reforma sounds like a crushing blend of extreme metal and Laibach avant-garde, and features esteemed guests David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel, Vltimas), Atilla Csihar (Mayhem, Sunn O)))) and Jørgen Munkeby (Shining). It was mixed and mastered by acclaimed producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, At The Gates, Architects …), with the artwork and design the work of the Metastazis studio (Ghost, Behemoth, Amorphis …). The album will be released in spring via Blood Blast, the digital distribution arm of Nuclear Blast Records, but we’ll hear it live on stream even sooner.

Due to current public health regulations, the concert will take place only via direct payable stream on the Entrio platform, viewable on any smart device.

On the day of the event you can purchase tickets until 9.40 p.m.

*We encourage you to buy family ticket, if you will be watching online concert with your family or friends. Sure, we will not know whether you are watching it by buying just a single ticket, but you will support the artist in greater extent with family ticket.

Special remark: artist, besides the fee, receives most of the online ticket sales. Support local creativity and local scene.

Organisation: Kino Šiška


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