03. 09. 2021

Café Kino Šiška

summer in Šiška 2021


free concert cycle

The excellent synthwave duo Neon Wife, featuring established Croatian musicians Irena Žilić and Lucija Potočnik, was born out of a desire to make the music that is dear to both of them, but that they have no chance to play in their primary bands. During Žilić’s international tour supporting Morcheeba, with Potočnik a member of her backing band, they developed their laidback, dreamy sound, releasing their EP debut My, Oh My, produced by one of the most prominent producers in the region, Mark Mrakovčić, in 2019.

Summer in Šiška is a series of free evening concerts, helping you chase away the social distancing blues. If the weather cooperates, we’ll cool off with a refreshing drink on the summer terrace of Café Kino Šiška, and if it looks to be raining, we’ll listen to good tunes in accordance with applicable public health regulations beneath the roof of our Komuna Hall. Welcome to your Summer in Šiška!

Free entry.

Organisation: Café Kino Šiška and Kino Šiška.

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