21. 09. 2018

Katedrala Hall

9th anniversary of Kino Šiška


album release + documentary film premiere (20 min) + The Mint

At our 9th birthday, MRFY, next in line to the throne of Slovenian rock, will unveil their heavily anticipated debut album for the first time. We’ll also celebrate with the premiere of the music documentary Band VS Brand, created as part of our Cultural Euro 2017 call.

If the 2018 music year in Slovenia belongs to anyone, it’s definitely the indie quartet MRFY from Novo mesto. After preparing the terrain with excellent singles such as “Klic” and “Anákin” over the previous year, the band began their victorious march at this year’s MENT Ljubljana festival, proving that their music easily transcends the borders of our country. Next up was the release of the A Side of the Story EP, marked by the Dobar dan tour around Slovenia, as well as a stop at radio Val 202, where the group unplugged itself. The tour ended with several hundred people in Ljubljana’s gala hala singing along to the devilishly melodic choruses despite the pouring rain.

The summer brought a visit to French festival Europavox, among other things, but the real finale is still to come. Despite all their gigs, airplay and social media gasps, MRFY is, above all, a synonym for a group of four individuals, who breathe, live and develop their music and ideas through which they express and bond. In September, right before heading out on a tour of Slovenia with none other than Siddharta, the band will thus premiere their first album Story in Šiška. Even before the release it’s clear that the album, full of new material, kneaded over the summer months, will be one of the most prominent releases of the year. In their own words, the record will present the band’s truth and the beauty in which they found their essence.

Warm-up duties have been entrusted to The Mint, the young band whose fusion of indie rock catchiness and grungey riffing was a very pleasant surprise when they opened for Japandroids. They’ve also spent time gaining experience in our Špil liga league, as well as on local and foreign stages.

Before we get the concert party started, we’ll also premiere a short music documentary titled Band VS Brand, directed by Hanna Szentpeteri and Simona Jerala. The film follows music managers Maša and Eva. Maša, with plentiful experience, is inseparable from prominent local band Koala Voice, while Eva chose the rebellious persons from porlock as her first band. In the film, we see the challenges and joys of music management over many months, travel with the bands to Budapest and Zagreb, and face life’s milestones that will have a significant impact on the future along with the film’s protagonists. Band VS Brand is the winning project of the Cultural Euro 2017 call. It will be screened in Slovenian with English subtitles.

You’re warmly invited to Kino Šiška’s birthday party on 21st September. We’ll be happy to see you even if you don’t come bearing gifts.

Tickets on sale online and at sales outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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