08. 03. 2018

Channel Zero


+ Dope Calypso

We’ll head to Metelkova in the company of the legendary Motorpsycho, who have been cruising the rock psychoverse for two decades, infusing it with prog, jazz, noise and whatever other kind of element they think off. The four-time winners of the esteemed Norwegian “Grammy”, the Spellemannprisen award, who have collaborated with Steve Albini and Jaga Jazzist, were rejuvenated two years ago by a new drummer, who also plays in Zu. Together, they created last year’s hearty double album The Tower for the influential Rune Grammofon label, with the recording process also taking place at the famed Rancho De La Luna studio.

After hearing the new release, reviewers agree that the new band member has relit the fire in Motorpsycho‘s belly. After the well-received, yet more introverted predecessor Here be Monsters, The Tower ventures further than any of the band’s previous releases, even touching on stoner rock, with the result being an explosive, massive masterpiece, drawing on Motorpsycho’s past highlights and taking them to the next level. “A major work in every sense, expansive but consistently excellent,” wrote Team Rock, so go grab your ticket and see you at Channel Zero!

Budapest trio Dope Calypso say they sound as if the Buzzcocks played the Pixies. The formula seems to work, as the band’s records keep finding their way onto end-of-the-year best-of lists in Hungary, despite the group having an additional guitarist instead of a bass player. The garage punks are coming to Ljubljana with their latest release Chaka Chaka, the fourth in as many years, offering us the chance to hear yet another standout band of the younger Hungarian generation that has already given us Gustave Tiger and Makrohang.

Organisation: Kino Šiška and Channel Zero.

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