16. 05. 2019

Katedrala Hall



After last year’s “victorious return” (Dnevnik), world-famous British trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba are coming back to Ljubljana. Charismatic singer Skye Edwards and psychedelic guitarist Ross Godfrey will present an overview of their extensive discography, from classic hits such as “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” to newer material off of their ninth album, released in 2018.

Morcheeba, originally including Godfrey’s brother Paul, formed in the mid-1990s. Their combination of laidback trip-hop, soulful emotion and psychedelic guitar licks quickly won over both reviewers and listeners, with songs such as “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”, “Trigger Hippie” and “Love Is Rare” soon becoming radio staples as well.

The success was followed by a restless period of personnel changes, departures and arrivals, but today the group seems stronger than ever. The band has sold over ten million records to date and established itself as a concert powerhouse with exceptional mileage. As we’ve seen before at the FUKSi and Schengenfest festivals, for example, the band ensure a great live show and musical party that sticks with you also due to Edwards’ remarkable voice. In May at Šiška!

We’ll warm up with the promising duo HYYTS from Glasgow, whose weird futuristic pop music is already turning heads in the United Kingdom.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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