03. 04. 2018

Komuna Hall



sonic art performance series

The third ZVO.ČI.TI DUO will focus on maltreating modified electric guitars, featuring compositions by Mauricio Valdes and Seppo Gründler.

Doing what happens anyway by Seppo Gründler is a structured improvisation piece, with the electric guitar player triggering a random signal and sending it into the network of electronics, computers, appliances that respond to barely detectable changes.

Valdes’ G-StringPorn is a composition for the electric guitar and erotic robots. It’s part of a cycle of guitar-electronic works, created with the help of an automated music tracker for free improvisation.

The authors’ joint premier piece Quetzalapanecayotl will be a synthesis of their methodologies for expanding electric guitars, improvisation and developing collaborative platforms.

ZVO.ČI.TI DUO is a series of electroacoustic sonic performances premiering new pieces – the result of cooperation between a Slovenian and an international artist, curated by Brane Zorman.

Produced by: CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing. Co-produced by: Kino Šiška.

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