22. 09. 2017

Katedrala Hall

8th anniversary of Kino Šiška


+ persons from porlock + Futurski

The Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture is celebrating its eigth birthday! This year’s festivities will be presided over by the biggest Slovenian music phenomenon right now, the controversial Matter collective, returning to where it all began – Šiška, where they performed live for the first time, at the Tresk festival – with the premiere of their eagerly awaited second album. They’ll be joined by persons from porlock, another group that’s currently blowing up in the local underground, and electro pop band Futurski with the release of their debut EP.

After yet another successful season, during which Kino Šiška was also voted the Best Live Music Venue in the capital, we’re launching the new season with a special treat – the live debut of local hiphop sensation Matter‘s heavily anticipated album Mrk, released on the same day via rx:tx. The album is the successor to the group’s remarkable debut Amphibios that caught the Slovenian public in a dilemma – are we witnessing a surrealistic masterpiece, absurdist, nihilistic commentary on the reality surrounding the trio, or just plain hipster fooling around, full of internal jokes and style identities?

A run of sold-out shows at Ljubljana’s smaller venues proved that the answer doesn’t really matter. Their inventive playing with the rhythm and sound of words, the oddity of the laidback dialogue between MC’s Dacho and Tunja, blended with the left-field beats production of Levanael and Dacho, is altering listeners’ states of mind in new dimensions and having a magnetic effect on an increasingly broader circle of young audiences, who will be able to hear them live in Šiška’s Katedrala Hall for the first time.

The celebration will also feature persons from porlock, psychedelic rockers who, just like Matter, were the talk of this year’s MENT Ljubljana festival. Even before that, Radio Študent declared their 2016 debut the Album of the Year, with the band striking the iron while it’s hot with follow-up hit singles ‘Bad FanFiction’ and ‘Affordable Amphetamines’. In addition to joining Matter on stage, persons from porlock will also be in charge of starting the evening off properly.

Meanwhile, promising Ljubljana band Futurski will unveil their debut EP Synthetic Happiness, featuring retro-futuristic electro pop that’s both 1980s and 2017, both synthetically robotic and psychedelically organic. Its dreampop and chillwave ambiance with a good helping of languorous vocals, cold synths and warm bass frequencies pleasantly massages the listener’s ears throughout.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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