08. 04. 2019

DUM Project Space


In this case, the title REAR WINDOW / Dancers Without Answers does not refer to the well-known Hitchcock film, but rather to a window, a courtyard, an opening and space which, mercilessly and without intermission, engages the “human” dwellers in Kafka’s unfinished story The Burrow…

From the story The Burrow, by Franz Kafka (translated by Willa and Edwin Muir): “Deep stillness; how lovely it is here, outside there nobody troubles about my burrow, everybody has his own affairs, which have no connection with me; how have I managed to achieve this? Here under the moss covering is perhaps the only place in my burrow now where I can listen for hours and hear nothing. A complete reversal of things in the burrow; what was once the place of danger has become a place of tranquility, while the Castle Keep has been plunged into the melee of the world and all its perils. Still worse, even here there is no peace in reality, here nothing has changed; silent or vociferous, danger lies in ambush as before above the moss, but I have grown insensitive to it, my mind is far too much taken up with the whistling in my walls. Is my mind really taken up with it? It grows louder, it comes nearer, but I wriggle my way through the labyrinth and make a couch for myself up here under the moss; it is almost as if I were already leaving the house to the whistler, content if I can only have a little peace up here“.

Original idea, choreography: Mateja Bučar in cooperation with Katja Legin, Kaja Lorenci, and Vadim Fiškin
Performing: Kaja Lorenci, Katja Legin in Tina Valentan
Text: from Franz Kafka’s unfinished story, The Burrow
Reading: Borut Savski
Sound, songs, music: Borut Savski, Nick Cave, Billie Cowie
Production: The DUM Association of Artists
Collaboration, coproduction: Zavod Zet, Kino Šiška
Special thanks: Alesa Valič, zavod ZET, Robert Pfaller

Supported by: the City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture, The Zet Association, Kino Šiška, The EU Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation – in connection with Maria Skłodowska-Curie

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