19. 02. 2019

Katedrala Hall


Young German pianist, composer and producer Martin Kohlstedt, “alongside Nils Frahm a pop star among contemporary pianists” (, will lead us into the world of his unique modular compositions, which utilise improvisational and experimental principles to ensure an exceptional, unrepeatable concert experience.

Martin Kohlstedt, the jazz-trained youth from the wooded German land of Thuringia, is famed for energetic, unpredictable performances, where his passionate playing gives the impression of a mad genius at work – and his music isn’t far behind. The secret to his success lies in the belief that music isn’t set in stone and that concerts should be more than just playing through pre-prepared material. He bases his so-called modular compositions, also featured in a TEDx Talk, in an honest dialogue with the instruments and in awareness of his surroundings, ensuring a unique experience for both himself and his audience.

Previously, Kohlstedt had made his way to dancefloors all over the world as part of the bands Marbert Rocel and Karocel, as well as collaborated with Peter Broderick. After two solo piano releases, Tag (2012) and Nacht (2014), he plugged in an electronic array for his third album Strom (2017). The truly remarkable record bares the musician and his instrument, yanking the listener from thoughts to feelings, from fast to slow, back and forth, especially when played live. The contemporary piano evening awaits us in February.

Tickets on sale online and at outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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