19. 01. 2018

Katedrala Hall

Manca Udovič ft. Nina Kraljić: ROMANCA


Romanca is an overview of the work of acclaimed Ljubljana pianist Manca Udovič so far. Alongside three classical authors, Mozart, Moffat and Liszt, the focus will be on Manca’s own compositions, as well as acoustic versions of the hits of Croatian The Voice winner and Eurovision contestant Nina Kraljić. In crafting the dreamy melodies, swift rhythms and colourful rhymes, Manca and Nina will be accompanied by a full ensemble of musicians.

Manca Udovič is a Ljubljana pianist who skilfully combines the classical and jazz training she received from esteemed music teachers at home and abroad. She has received numerous international awards, but rather than prizes she values collaboration with her musical colleagues, who inspire and direct her into ever new creative fields. One such collaboration takes place within the Romanca project, her first major undertaking since returning from her M.A. piano studies at the Academy of Music in Zagreb.

Nina Kraljić is an acclaimed singer of the younger generation, achieving her breakthrough in 2015 by winning on The Voice. A year later, she represented Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her debut album Zaljuljali smo svijet was awarded the Croatian music award Porin. She is a sensitive artist, firmly walking down her own path, unconcerned with the trends and speed of today. She seeks inspiration in discovering new cultures and their musical legacies, and that is how she treats the acoustic versions of her songs in the Romanca project – with the drive and desire to again offer something new.

Uroš Buh is a multi-instrumentalist and actor, who performs in several bands (Same babe, Gombač & Kradljivci časa, Josip Brass …) and theatres (Ljubljana City Theatre, Mladinsko Theatre). He regularly writes music for theatre performances and lends his voice to cartoon characters. Recently, he struck out on his own with the band BUH, with which he writes original music and lyrics.

Jan Gregorka is an established bass player, who started playing in groups such as Greentown Jazz Band, Drago Gajo 4tet and Marko Tolja band during his studies at the Carinthian State Conservatorium. Currently, he is a regular member of Magnifico‘s band, Momento Cigano, Soul jazz & jaz and Janez Bončina Benč‘s band. He is an artist who always comes to rehearsal with new ideas and ensures that a band’s groove is top-notch.

Rok Nemanič is one of the most promising young trumpet players in Slovenia. A virtuoso of the classical trumpet, he is still advancing his jazz knowledge at the Carinthian State Conservatory in Klagenfurt. He works with numerous Slovenian big bands and smaller groups, and is the founder of the Balkan Boys, who tour both at home and abroad.

Gašper Peršl is an irreplaceable drummer in many Slovenian groups (Vlado Kreslin in Mali bogovi, Severa Gjurin, Mia Žnidarič, Oto Pestner, Andrej Šifrer, Elevators). He has also collaborated with acclaimed foreign jazz musicians, such as Billy Harper and Reggie Workman. He is a piercing musician who deftly weaves numerous music genres together.

Organisation: Kino Šiška. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Jata Emona, d.o.o.

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