21. 10. 2019

Puppet Theatre Maribor

54th Maribor Theatre Festival

Mala Kline: SONG 

dance performance

“ Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—“ (Song of Songs, 1:2)

language is one

body is one

life is one

one touch

one kiss

one breath

just one

just you

just me

just him

just my love

just my dove

just one left


Photo: Urška Boljkovac

SONG is a love song we sing with every utterance we make.

Concept and choreography: Mala Kline

Creation and performance: Eftychia Stefanou

Space: Petra Veber

Costume design: Stefano Ciammitti

Music and sound: Nenad Sinkauz

Light and technical direction: Jaka Šimenc

Executive production: Ajda Kline

Production: ELIAS and Mercedes Klein

Coproduction: Pekinpah, Center kulture Španski borci/Zavod EN-KNAP, Kino Šiska, Co-festival, 0090, Plesna Izba.

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