Visual Arts

08. 05. 2017 - 02. 06. 2017

Kamera Gallery


In his latest work, artist Luka Uršič invites the viewer to enter a visual tale of sensual and rational sensations that accumulate within a person.

The scene settings interpret the artist’s inner experience, which constructs his dreams and visions in sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker gusts. The artist’s symbolism and his translation of the subconscious don’t frame just a single story. The small dimensions of the piece create the perfect environment for an individual and intimate approach to communication via images. Through thoughtful composition, these try to open channels within the viewer to allow access to the viewer’s own internal reality.

Luka Uršič – KALU (1982, Maribor) creates in the fields of music and visual art. He’s currently employed as a set painter at the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and is an active member of the audio-visual group Your Gay Thoughts. His solo and group projects have been featured in Slovenia and abroad – his solo visual art projects have been displayed at exhibitions at Kino Šiška (2011, Ljubljana), the Equrna Gallery (2011, Ljubljana), the Bloom Gallery (2011, Maribor), the KiBela Art Space (2011, Maribor; joint project with Urša Vidic), the Ganes Pratt Gallery, Mala galerija (2012, Ljubljana), the Channel Zero Gallery (2016, Ljubljana) and the Maribor Art Gallery (2011, 2012 and 2017). He lives and works in Ljubljana.

Curated by: Anja Zver.
Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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