05. 03. 2020

Katedrala Hall


+ Meimuna

After two exciting shows in both our halls and having conquered global festivals and charts, the charming indie pop band Lola Marsh is finally coming back to Šiška! In March, they’ll introduce us to their new album, the heavily anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed debut Remember Roses, just a few months after its release.

“Perfect.” That’s how described the most recent show by the popular Israel band Lola Marsh in these parts, in July at the In Memoriam prof. Peter Hafner festival in Škofja Loka. We first met the band in Šiška in 2015, when they sold out our Komuna Hall, then again two years later, when their pleasant indie pop, onstage floral arrangements, and cute creative core of singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau won over the hearts of a packed Katedrala Hall as well. Precisely the way the band’s first songs won over listeners all over the world.

Their EP debut of light, catchy melodies You’re Mine had racked up Spotify and other streaming service plays like lightning, with the duo reaffirming the reputation as a sensation a year later with the critically acclaimed full-length Remember Roses. The album that brings to mind carefree summer days, pastel skies and yearning melancholy established Lola Marsh as the authors of refined pop songs, taking their music to extensive tours, the largest global festivals, and even to Hollywood (Criminal, Better Call Saul).

In 2020, Yael and Gil, along with their accompanying band, will again stop at Šiška, this time with a new, second album, scheduled for release in January. As was to be expected, the album is heralded by two fantastically catchy singles, the surf-tinged “Echoes” and the exhilarating “Only For a Moment”, proving that the band’s creative drive hasn’t let up. We’re falling for Lola Marsh again in March.

It only took one recording for Meimuna to start raising eyebrows. Her demo, recorded in the corner of her room, was declared the Best Swiss Demo of the Year in 2017 and placed her at the forefront of the Swiss music scene. Inspired by Bon Iver, José Gonzales,Big Thief and others, the musician makes pop at the crossroads of folk and experimentation, deftly navigating between hope and melancholy with her ethereal vocals, intimate, introspective lyrics in the charming French language, and rippling guitar arrangements.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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