05. 05. 2021 - 07. 05. 2021

Kino Šiška

Little Pieces

online performance for voice, cello and movement

Little Pieces is a performance for voice, cello and movement, performed by the cTrL+kg collective of three artists (Tisa Neža Herlec, Lucija Gregov and Gaja Karolina Rupnik Caruso). The performance was selected within the framework of the Kulturni Evro project. You can watch the event on Kino Šiška’s YT channel between May 5 at 20.00 (premiere) and May 7 at midnight.

The authors of the performance are united by improvisation, which they see as a key tactic in a life without stability and statics, as a possible response to facing the exponential growth of complexity and unpredictability that permeates our time.

Without superficial predictions and outlined expectations, they are jointly committed to the process of mutual recognition and cooperation. They explore ways of interaction and communication within the constellation of their collective, in which each of them plays an equal role. In the process of mutual exchange, the notions of authority and power, control and agency, play and materialize, and together they free themselves from the frameworks and limitations taken from the world.

They exchange knowledge, methodologies and approaches to improvisation, composition and communication. They build a collective territory of experimentation – a joint performance. Time and time again, they question their own ways of acting and thinking, and they understand their own tactics as suggestions that can also be used outside the performative space, in everyday life.

Little Pieces is a series of short compositions in which individually presented material is combined and juxtaposed. Fluid narration, nonlinearity and mycelial structure are the compositional elements that are crucial in creating Little Pieces and perceiving them as a whole made up of many parts. The authors are interested in an interaction in which each of them acts as an empowered unit present in the act of joint declaration. A sensory whole is created, which is not owned by the performers, but by a moment which, in the chaotic nature of its existence, contains mutually asynchronous elements. Maintaining the otherness of this juxtaposition realizes a state of multiplicity of feelings and the intertwining of opinions and truths that we witness in everyday life at every interaction, conversation, encounter with otherness.

To be in relationships, to enable solidarity between subjectivities, to build equality on diversity. To observe and exchange, to allow for the possibility of the relevant appearing.

You can watch the event on Kino Šiška’s YT channel between May 5 at 20.00 (premiere) and May 7 at midnight. The event will be in Slovenian and English.


The performance Little Pieces was unanimously selected by a committee from among the submissions received in response to the open call for proposals for co/financing a performance within the framework of the Kulturni Evro project.

Organisation: Kino Šiška in co-production with abeceda.abeceda

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