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21. 02. 2017 - 18. 03. 2017

DobraVaga Gallery

zine vitrine

Leon Zuodar: Zinko Tiček

Zinko Tiček is a small zine reading room that evolved from Leon Zuodar’s personal archive of fanzines, graphic novels and comics, collected over a long period of time.

It’s located in the Pivka House of Culture, in the artist’s studio, which is open to zine enthusiasts and all who are interested in the media of photocopying, risography, screen printing, linocuts and experimental drawings. The space is designed as a reading room, a smaller exhibition/event area and a studio, where one can talk with guest artists in person and hold zine workshops and exhibitions. One can also copy a long-forgotten or lost zine or two. Within the framework of the Zine Vitrine program, Zinko Tiček will be presented by the head of the project, visual artist Leon Zuodar.

Leon Zuodar (1977) graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2004. Together with Miha Perne, he established the Beli sladoled painting group and zine label of the same name, focusing on different, marginal and experimental drawings. So far, they have released 23 publications, mostly zines, a few compilations of drawings and exhibition catalogues in the form of zines. In 2011, they received the OHO Award for their work. On his own, Zuodar is active in the fields of drawing, prints and painting. He also co-organises an exhibition program and runs a graphic art studio. As of 2016, he is in charge of the Zinko Tiček reading room at the Pivka House of Culture.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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