06. 03. 2019

Kino Šiška

new album release


After a creative hiatus of seven years, Slovenian singer-songwriter gem Leon Matek is returning with his third solo album, poetically titled Srce imaš tako veliko, for which he has gathered a number of excellent musicians and singers to accompany him on stage.

Singer-songwriter Leon Matek appeared on the Slovenian music scene towards the end of the 1980s with the rock band Prepozno za krokodile. he continued his career alongside Mirko Sešekin the duo and later band Juhej in Vuhmepiš, which was, in the 1990s, “the herald of the today quite widespread blend of folk songwriting, allusions to folk tunes, rock, blues and more “ (Radio Študent). This was followed by three years in the duo LeonzMinko with Bosnian accordion player Hazemina Đonlić, then in 2007, Matek launched his solo career with the album Zrno. He continued in 2011 with the album Most, where he played not just the guitar, but also the Oriental instrument saz baglama, imbuing his music with the flavours and textures of the Balkans and the Orient.

Matek’s new album Srce imaš tako veliko features “plenty of exceptional songs that win over the listener with painful honesty or jesting, while the album itself also offers a carefully composed whole that deftly bridges the suffering and joy of human existence .., and much in between ” (Radio Študent). In March, the singer-songwriter will be joined onstage by Marjan Gradišar (bass, backing vocals), Sergej Ranđelović (drums), Danijel Bogataj (violin), Jaka Kastelic (accordion), Bogdan Kreščišin (oboe), Uroš Razpotnik (clarinet), Kristijan Jesih (trumpet) and Miha Nemanič (backing vocals).

Tickets on sale online and at outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška. The concert is part of the accompanying programme of the 22nd Storytelling Festival.

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