29. 11. 2019

Katedrala Hall


The uncompromising darker duo Lebanon Hanover are coming to Ljubljana – an ice cold answer to an alienated world, coming from a pair of warm hearts! “Gallowdance”, “Babes of the 80s”, “Die World” and “Totaly Tot” are a key part of playlists by dark wave fans everywhere, and their romantically nihilist authors will perform a headline gig.

“The strongest aspect of the duo Lebanon Hanover is evident in how they can create a nostalgic and melancholy atmosphere, while successfully maintaining an energetic dynamic on the record. Their music makes you dance, but you want it to be in some damp, mouldy corner of an unfamiliar underground club somewhere in Eastern Europe, just moments before the iron curtain falls and the world of Western consumerism rules everyday reality. Lebanon Hanover are a time machine for all depressive new wave fans.” – Radio Študent

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: ŠKUC Ropot and KSB.

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