03. 09. 2018 - 15. 09. 2018

Kamera Gallery


As part of the ZINE VITRINE international open call for zines, the Lealudvik duo will present their artist’s book and zine, the continuation of the DIY periodical Four Eyed Monster. The current issue emphasises relationships in the broad sense of the word, both their mutual relationship and the relationship of an artist to his or her past work. With Four Eyed Monster Vol. II, the artists also seek the line between artist’s book and zine. Lealudvik intertwine photography, video and graphic arts, documenting intimate performances and rituals. Their artistic practice is based in the exploration of the body, sexuality and occultism.

Lealudvik are Lea Jelenko (1986) and Matjaž Komel (1987). Lea graduated in Graphic and Interactive Communication from the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana. Matjaž graduated in Visual Communication from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. They are both also active in the field of visual communication. As Lealudvik, they’ve participated in various exhibitions and events, including: the V. Independent Biennial at Kino Šiška, the Sonica festival, ZINE VITRINE at the DobraVaga Gallery, Independent Biennial vs. Zelenko at MGLC, ZineZine at the P74 Gallery, Zines! Contemporary Zine Production at MGLC, Pazi, sveža grafika!/Watch out! wet print!, In the waters on Leviathan at the Tam-Tam Street Gallery, curated by MGLC, Jože at Plečnik house, Photobook and photozine at the DobraVaga Gallery, and at Caffeine Hours.

Each year, the ZINE VITRINE exhibition, workshop and zine reading room programme, located in the DobraVaga Gallery, invites artists of various profiles to participate in the international call for zines, with the selected artists realizing an exhibition or zine production, as well as a broader presentation of their creative work or specific ideas. According to last year’s jury, art duo Lealudvik’s zine Four Eyed Monster (2017) stood out among the submissions received.

Justification of the jury: ‘’With their Four Eyed Monster zine, art duo Lealudvik exhibit the evolution of the zine’s potential as a classic and simultaneously contemporary graphic medium. Through virtual reality, they enhance the precise succession of original colour photographs and graphic symbols, blank spaces, and photocopied silhouettes that create the nostalgic materiality of the page through the blackness of the raster. With the aid of a free mobile app, certain pages are enriched with GIFs that bring the pair’s intimate performances and rituals to life. Their work draws on the exploration of the body, sexuality, occultism, true crime and the horror genre. Through the disintegration of gender roles, they divulge their world from a female and a male perspective, discovering affection through role playing, horror, pleasure and pain.’’

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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