26. 09. 2018

Channel Zero


Oof, this September evening will be fresh, wild and definitely not one to miss. We’ll be hosting Belgian duo La Jungle, whose pulsing vortex blends math, kraut and techno savagery, and Swiss trio Schnellertollermeier, who apply jazz mastery to brutal rock hits and carefully crafted compositions of unfathomable power.

Six strings, a Casio keyboard and drums, perhaps a dash of vocal shamanism – that’s how Belgians La Jungle continue the noble tradition of duos that sound like at least three full-fledged groups together. Their just-rich-enough sound shifts from math rock outbursts to beating techno abandon, nods at krautrock and stares at post-rock expanses. Like their name suggests, these guys could rage in either an urban or a tropical jungle, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear one of their songs accompanying tense action in the new Mad Max or during unbridled dancing at the Burning Man festival. While waiting for a call from Battles or Tortoise for a joint tour, they’ve turned many a European festival on its head, from Eurosonic and Dour to ArcTanGent, thanks to a couple of great records and tireless touring. Now it’s Ljubljana’s turn.

Swiss trio Schnellertollermeier are also distinguished by technical mastery, unburdened genre fusion and an uncompromising approach to making music. Their instrumental music flows naturally from minimalist elegance and jazz magic to forceful rock strikes. With their third album X, the trio of trained jazz musicians stunned critics all over the world – The Wall Street Journal placed the band alongside Björk, Kendrick Lamar, Courtney Bartnett and Battles on its list of the best albums of 2015, for example. Last year’s follow-up Rights proved this was no fluke, as the band again made an album of immense depth and beauty, finding its own path among the worn-out sonic expressions of the 21st century. In September, that path will lead Schnellertollermeier to Ljubljana, so make sure to mark the date – even if you misspell the band’s name.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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