04. 11. 2021

DobraVaga Gallery

How to become self-employed in culture?

workshop at DobraVaga and online

Asociacija and DobraVaga are joining forces and inviting you to a workshop on the status of the self-employed in culture, which will focus on those who are registering as self-employed in culture for the first time. At the workshop, we will address the issues of obtaining and managing the status.

The status of self-employed in culture, obtained at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, represents one of the basic formal forms of work for artists in the field of culture. Obtaining the status is a formalized procedure that requires filling in forms, reviewing the relevant regulation and its annexes, and providing various supporting documents, which often poses a significant administrative barrier to individuals when deciding to obtain the status.

Because the process of obtaining the status is complicated for many people, the Asociacija Association has designed a workshop to help you apply for the status, as well as inform you about some of its more significant advantages and disadvantages. The workshop is part of a series of free workshops and lectures for young people at the beginning of their professional creative path, with which DobraVaga is expanding its support activities with the aim of providing useful skills and knowledge that is important for working and career building in culture.

The workshop is intended primarily for those who do not have the status of self-employed in culture and at the same time view it as a potential career opportunity. At the workshop, you will learn about the specific administrative and formal procedures that await you if you decide to become self-employed in culture, as well as other aspects that will help you assess whether the status of self-employed in culture is suitable for you and your own career vision.

At the workshop, we will address issues such as:

– obtaining the status of self-employed in culture;

– obtaining and renewing the right to pay social security contributions;

– how to effectively write an application to convince the expert commission at the Ministry of Culture;

– the criteria for individual professions;

– the formal and administrative duties that must be performed by those who are self-employed in culture.

The workshop will be led by Polona Torkar, formerly self-employed in the field of audiovisual and intermedia arts with many years of practical and advocacy experience regarding the status of self-employed in culture, and an expert associate of Asociacija.

The workshop will simultaneously take place in person and remotely.
Advance registration at is required; places are limited.
When registering, state how you want to attend the workshop. Remote participants will receive a link to the Zoom event at a later date.

Organization: Asociacija Association and Kino Šiška/DobraVaga

Duration: approx. 3 hours


When entering the venue during public cultural events, applicable public health regulations must be observed, including presenting required proof of recovery, vaccination or negative test result. As proof of compliance with the requirement, an EU digital COVID Certificate in digital or paper form, equipped with a QR code (text messages are not valid), may be submitted, or another certificate or proof in accordance with regulations, which the competent person shall verify by inspecting the submitted certificate or proof.

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