27. 04. 2021

Kino Šiška

JunioR & T.A.M.Z.Y.

online concert

Ljubljana youths JunioR and T.A.M.Z.Y., whose hit “Ura je 3” topped the local Apple Music hip-hop chart, will present their heavily anticipated EPs in an exclusive live stream from Šiška.


Jaka Nikitovič – JunioR and Jaka Tomšič – T.A.M.Z.Y. have been making music for just a few years, but they’ve already shaken up the Slovenian music scene with contemporary hip-hop trends– T.A.M.Z.Y. is even regarded as one of the pioneers of Slovenian drill. In addition to their solo tracks and collabs, made with produce JONT within the framework of the Rose Valley Records collective, they’ve also worked with more established Slovenian acts, such as Emkej and Burke.

JunioR will release his new EP in the end of May and T.A.M.Z.Y. in the beginning of June, with both presenting their upcoming releases on our stream a month before. They’re also promising a secret guest, so don’t miss this!

Due to current public health regulations, the concert will take place only via direct payable stream on the Entrio platform, viewable on any smart device.

On the day of the event you can purchase tickets until 9.40 p.m.

If you want to send one of the purchased tickets to a friend, you have this option up to 2 hours (7 p.m.) before the start of the concert. This option is later not available.

*We encourage you to buy family ticket, if you will be watching online concert with your family or friends. Sure, we will not know whether you are watching it by buying just a single ticket, but you will support the artist in greater extent with family ticket.

Special remark: artist, besides the fee, receives most of the online ticket sales. Support local creativity and local scene.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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