05. 09. 2017 - 09. 10. 2017


artist per month


At summer’s end, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature Jan Pogorelec, a graduate of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He will display his larger canvasses, characterised by a signature colour palette, geometry and details, together forming an abstract whole.

Jan Pogorelec (1991) is a graduate of the Secondary School for Design and Photography, where he studied Graphic Design, and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the same field. He focuses on the visual and audio sections of different artistic genres. He’s a member of the bands NeoPogo and nevemnevem. In his work, he presents his views on selected topics through the search for appropriate solutions of his own devise. He received the Student Award at the Doss Festival and an award for the joint project of the Documentary Film Festival visual image at Outstanding. He held his first solo exhibition in 2016 at the UAUU Gallery.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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