06. 12. 2017

Katedrala Hall


Ten years after their acclaimed second performance on the Izštekani radio show on Val 202, which was also released as an album, Siddharta is unplugging again.

At the traditional December Izštekanih 10 event, ten guests with whom Siddharta have not yet collaborated will perform ten songs, with another ten performed in an unplugged manner by Siddharta themselves. The majority of the repertoire will come from the past ten years. Some of the guests will perform alone, others alongside Siddharta members, with each leaving their recognisable mark on the reinterpretation.

The list of guests thus includes blues rockers Hamo & Tribute 2 Love in top form, piercing young rock bands Koala Voice, MRFY and Jardier, trap champions Matter, beatboxer Murat, the indestructible Neca Falk, Buda, the energetic Elvis Jackson, charismatic violinist Bojan Cvetrežnik, metal singer Gianni Poposki of Noctiferia, and the unique Patetico.

Don’t miss the third Siddharta unplugging in front of an audience, in a grand, yet at the same time intimate, stripped-down, subtle, different, very unplugged manner. Tickets are sold out, but the concert will be streamed online at

Izštekanih 10: Siddharta with Guests will be the fifth edition of the public December review of the Izštekani radio show on Val 202. After celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary in 2013 under the title of Izštekanih 20, featuring the string section of the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, the concert became a mainstay under the title of Izštekanih 10. In 2014, it was joined by the RTV Slovenia Big Band, in 2015 by members of the Symbollic Orchestra, and in 2016 by the musicians of the Sounds of Slovenia project. Each year, the opulent three-hour concert brings several dozen musicians to the stage, with the event recorded by the national television and moderated by Izštekani host Jure Longyka.

Organisation: Val 202 and RTV Slovenija.

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