03. 12. 2019

Katedrala Hall

IZŠTEKANIH 10: MRFY, Matter, Haiku Garden, Emkej in Recycleman

Radio Val 202 and the Izštekani show are again heading to Kino Šiška with a special December session. On 3 December 2019 at 8 PM, of course also via live radio and online video broadcast, the unplugged stage will be shared by Ljubljana shoegazers Haiku Garden, new Novo Mesto rock giants MRFY, one of the leading Maribor rappers Emkej, the Kamnik champions of Slovenian trap Matter, and the pioneer of Slovenian rap Recycleman, formerly known as AliEn. We can expect numerous audio and genre detours, surprises, collaborations, blends and features. The concert will be moderated by the author and host of Izštekani, Jure Longyka.

After last year’s two sold-out evenings in a row, we’re walking the urban music triangle of rock-rap-trap this year. And marking the quarter of a century of Izštekani again in a special way. With acts that have and acts that haven’t yet performed on the show.

Emkej, the cofounder of Maribor rap label Wudisban Records and a member of the legendary Tekochee Kru, has been on the scene for a decade and a half. He’s been needing both hands to show how many albums he’s recorded for quite some time now. He’s in excellent shape, as evidenced by his regular presence in the Val 202 programme. He hasn’t yet performed on the Izštekani show.

Haiku Garden are the most prominent local proponents of the noise rock subgenre called shoegaze right now. Well, when they unplugged in May this year, they didn’t gaze at their shoes next to the guitar effect pedals. If anywhere, they peered at their fingers, as they wielded many instruments they aren’t very used to, while their five strings colleagues gazed at the notes. They plan on publishing their unplugging as an album. They’ll be bringing a piece of acoustic shoegaze to Šiška as well.

Matter stepped onto the unplugged podium two years ago together with the band persons from porlock. Based on the completely fresh collaboration at the time, their wild jam merged rock and trap. What will the leading Slovenian trappers, who have since released a second and third album and a literary debut, get up to this time?

When we announced MRFYs Izštekani performance last year, we described them as “the great Dolenjska rock hope”. Today, we can’t say anything other than “the new Novo Mesto rock giants”. They’re growing like weeds, having released their first EP, an Izštekani album and their studio debut in just one year. If we told them to play some of the best moments of their Izštekani studio session in Šiška, it wouldn’t have any effect. They never do what you tell them to. That’s why we at Izštekani like them so much.

And finally Recycleman. Formerly known as AliEn. A monument of Slovenian rap. His debut “Leva scena” (1994), justifiably regarded as the first Slovenian rap album, irrevocably changed the music scene. Then we waited five years for the follow-up. And it was worth it, “Smetana za frende” (1999) was truly delicious. Then Ali became Dalaj, went off to see the world and his homeland, went through a series of transformations, made various music … until returning as Recycleman six years ago. Since then, he has been firmly in the saddle and on the stage. We interrupted him in the middle of preparations for a new album, in order to correct a historic injustice in style: in a quarter of a century, he has not yet performed on the Izštekani show. Yes, of course, you guessed it, this year’s Izštekanih 10 will be a unique celebration of the 25thanniversary of “Leva scena” and the 20thanniversary of “Smetana za frende”. And that’s all we’re saying.


Izštekani have organised a gala December review in front of an audience six times so far. After the 2013 20thanniversary titled Izštekanih 20, which also featured the strings section of the RTV Slovenia Symphonic Orchestra, the concert was established under the name Izštekanih 10. In 2014, they collaborated with Big Band RTV Slovenija, in 2015 with members of the Symbolic Orchestra, in 2016 the acts of the Sounds Of Slovenia project, and in 2017 the band Siddharta with 10 guests. In 2018, at the 25th anniversary of the show, the concert was titled Izštekanih 25, featuring a total of eight bands headlined by Dan D over two sold-out nights. Each time, several dozen musicians performed during the acclaimed, opulent, exclusive and most often sold-out three-hour concert. They were also filmed by TV Slovenija and moderated by the author and host of the Izštekani show, Jure Longyka.

Tickets are sold out.

Organisation: Val 202.

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