21. 11. 2020

Kino Šiška

Ivo Dimchev

online concert

Ivo Dimchev is a kind of hypnotic performer that appears only occasionally in international venues. With his sexually ambivalent and uncertain figures, he creates a depot of bodily presences that never move to the level of a visible or identifiable identity, while providing them with an enigmatic voice that transitions to the level of sacral, divine, sublime in concert examples. While observing his artistic oeuvre, one seems to think that perhaps there is no art media that Dimchev would not already use, instrumentalize, master or convert.

In recent decades, there have been very few artists who would trigger such a voluminous production detonation in the field of contemporary performing arts, as Ivo Dimchev did with the »white whore« (Ana Schnabl, Dnevnik, 2015) Lili Handel, after he premiered it in Danses Hus in Stockholm in 2004. When we watched it at the Mladi levi festival at the Old City Power Station venue in 2006, it became clear to us in a moment why this was the case.

He seems unstoppable in the meaning of his work. His body figures must de-sacralize and re-sacralize every single one of them. He works in dance, theatre, performance, music, drawing, photography, literature and film. He is well known to the local audience, he has appeared here several times since 2006, when we watched his first performance. During the pandemic, in Sofia, he began a series of performances entitled Home Concert (2020), where the performer visits a common household and performs a concert there, and a film is made from these micro-events. Another interesting form is the Selfie Concert (2018), where people record themselves during his performance, thus addressing such a form of art distribution.

Organisation: CoFestival in co-production with Kino Šiška and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia.

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