06. 03. 2017

Komuna Hall

zvo.či.ti duo


sonic art performance series

The third concert of the series will feature musicians and performers who began their artistic path somewhere else.

Before venturing into the musical field of expressive improvised vocal exploration, Irena Tomažin focused on choreography, dance and the body in space for many years, while Liz Helman first found inspiration for her droning ambient musical structures while exploring visual installation art. In addition to two solo compositions (Irena Tomažin – ‘No Place Same Time’, Liz Helman‘Same Place Somewhere’), they will create ‘Lines, Thoughts, Fragments / Linije, Misli, Fragmenti’ together in Ljubljana, ahead of their performance. The piece represents sonic exploration of the flow of e-mails and files between London and Ljubljana over the past year.

The following day, the artists will perform the same programme at PiNA in Koper.

Organisation: Zavod CONA and Kino Šiška.

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