22. 10. 2020

Kino Šiška

Anže Sever in Simon Penšek: Intruder – CANCELLED

spatial intervention

The piece Intruder reflects Anže Sever’s many years of researching haptic perception of space and is a substantive and technical advancement of his previous projects. In the new spatial intervention, co-authors Simon Penšek and Anže Sever tackle primarily the relations between architecture, space and the body of a visitor; how, in certain conditions, architecture can directly change the everyday perception of one’s own body. The project will be available to experience at a one-time event at Kino Šiška. Intruder is co-produced by the Projekt Atol institute.

Organisation: Projekt Atol Institute and Kino Šiška

Free entry @ staircase and upper lobby

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