28. 05. 2018

Café Kino Šiška


jam session

Together with acclaimed pianist and composer Rok Zalokar, we’re hosting regular Monday evenings for all who enjoy free musical improvisation, jamming, and sharing and discovering music ideas.

In the cosy ambiance of our café, we establish, strengthen and constantly renew our ties with the community of musicians operating under the common denominator of improvisation. Each evening is opened by an ensemble composed for that very night, with the stage then open to all.

The starting line-up:

Tea Vidmar – vocals
Tena Novak Vincek
– violin
Ivan Marincel – trombone
Damir Prica Kafka – saxophone, piano
Roko Crnić – bass
Nino Mureškič – percussion

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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