06. 02. 2019

Komuna Hall

new album release


To celebrate the release of the new fourth album Ephemeral Lake, you’re invited for an evening with a quintet of some of the most creative and innovative Slovenian jazz musicians in Slovenia and the broader region. Igor Matković on the trumpet and electronics will be accompanied by Jošt Drašler (double bass, e-bass), Rok Zalokar (piano, Rhodes, electronics), Jani Moder (guitar, electronics) and Kristijan Krajnčan (drums, cello, electronics). They’ll treat us to new versions of familiar songs, as well as completely fresh material.

The album Ephemeral Lake has been lying in wait for quite some time and will finally have its chance to shine on the day of the concert. Among others, it features one of the most acclaimed contemporary European pianists Marcin Wasilewski, with whom Igor Matković has already collaborated. The album is the first complete release of the newly-established label Modigo, co-authored by Modigo co-founder Jani Moder as well.

Igor is a Professor at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory. So far he has released three albums: Motion in Two Dimensions, Sonic Motion and State of Ku. He has spent a lot of time abroad over the past year, playing in a completely different cultural environment twice in China, where he taught at the first Summer Jazz Camp, organised by the China Jazz Association. Recently, he also performed at the renowned Moroccan jazz festival Jazz au Chellah in Rabat, as well as collaborated with Moroccan folk singer Hadda Ouaki.

Tickets on sale online and at outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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