27. 10. 2018

Komuna Hall


In October, the acclaimed New York based Slovenian saxophonist and composer Igor Lumpert and his team of top-notch musicians – double bass player Masa Kamaguchi, saxophonist Greg Ward and drummer Jason Nazary – will present the Clean Feed Records release Eleven, a “darn good album of new jazz” (Odzven) according to foreign and Slovenian media. Don’t miss out on the jazz treat that Yoko Ono described simply as “a great band”!

After concluding studies in Linz, during which he was a member of the award-winning German ensemble Sidewinders, Igor Lumpert continued his education in New York at the invitation of one of the best double bass players in the world, Reggie Workman. After 18 fruitful years, during which he became renowned not just in New York or Slovenia, but also globally, he released the excellent album Eleven this year.

On the record, the members of his band Innertextures included saxophonist Greg Ward, who has worked with varied artists such as Prefuse 73, Lupe Fiasco, Tortoise, William Parker, Andrew D’Angelo and Mike Reed, Japanese double bass player Masa Kamaguchi (George Garzone, Bert Sieger, Hal Crook, Herb Pomeroy, Frank Carber …) and Kenny Grohowski, who has worked with John Zorn, Stanley Clarke, Lonnie Plaxico and Emeline Michel. Jason Nazary (So Ghost, Clebs, Bear In Heaven, Little Women …) will fill in for Grohowski in Šiška, and together Igor Lumpert and his Innertextures will present a great album that seeks balance in the life of the modern-day jazzman under the keywords M-Base, Mahler and Mingus.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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