15. 04. 2019

Komuna Hall


+ pavleisdead

The thrilling duo IC3PEAK, one of the most dangerous acts in Russia according to the reactions of the government, is coming to Šiška. The provocative Russian duo, whose blend of alternative hip-hop, post-internet bass tunes, explicit, fantasy-filled lyrics and a daring visual aesthetic is winning over the new generation, are on the frontlines of young Russia’s rebellion against the corruption, moral hypocrisy and sanctimoniousness of old Russia. Don’t miss the exclusive Slovenian performance of the persecuted couple who are forced to carry out shows in their own homeland in secrecy – and regularly sell them out nonetheless. We’ll warm up with the experimental hip-hop noise of pavleisdead.

In November 2018, Nastya Kreslina and Nick Kostylev, known as IC3PEAK, became the targets of governmental persecution due to their open-minded ideas and critique of the authorities. In each town their tour took them to, the agents of the FSB security service, the KGB’s successor, were hot on their heels, they were interrogated several times, their shows were banned. But despite all the obstacles and impossible conditions, the tour went on. They switched venues, announcing the new locations at the very last minute only; after the police were done questioning them, they went straight to the stage; they were joined by an attorney for the entire tour in order to smooth out legal issues on the go; they counted a half-finished performance before the censors intervened as a success.

But the persecution had the opposite effect than what the authorities likely hoped for. Sold-out shows, incredible support from the local audiences, and encouraging responses from abroad keep the duo going forward. Their future-oriented music blends alternative hip-hop and post-internet bass tunes with Grimm-style storytelling, and their vision is enhanced further live with a strong visual note. The performance by one of the most controversial bands in the world right now promises an exceptional experience – don’t miss it.

Pavleisdead seeks to bring a violent noise-rap terror ridden mixture of both Apollonian and Dionysian elements into one seamless whole that is structured yet abstract and resurrect this balance in thematic driven releases. He lives and dies creatively in optimistic harmony with the sufferings of life over tracks full of “experimental nastiness until your ears want to flip themselves backwards”.

Tickets on sale online and at Eventim outlets.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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