01. 03. 2017

Komuna Hall


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Helmet are returning to Kino Šiška with both new and legendary old material!

The Bad News is the new single announcing the new album, Dead To The World, released on 28th October 2016, while the good news is that Helmet are returning to Šiška, with both new and legendary old material!

The New York band that established its unique sound at the crossroads of hardcore, metal, alternative rock and jazz at the end of the 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s, influencing the music of groups such as Tool, Rise Against, Deftones and many others, announced the release of its first new album in six years, Dead To The World, in autumn via earMUSIC Records, as well as a new global tour.

At the concert two years ago, Page Hamilton, the main driving force, voice and guitar of Helmet, and his rejuvenated team proved that the band’s riffs still roll heavy and that the repertoire of classic albums such as Meantime and Betty still holds its own live. That’s why we can hardly wait for March, when we will be the only venue in the region to host them.

To mark the occasion, Page Hamilton has a message for you:

“Catch phrases, punchlines, guns, bluster, ammo, incivility, impatience, murder. You, me, us, them, life, liberty and the pursuit of property. We disagree, we disrespect, discourse disappears in the age of access. When in doubt GET LOUD! It’s my way or the highway, thank you Lawrence Tierney! Religious tchotchkes nailed to the walls of homes above razor-scarred mirrors. Do you meditate, levitate, pray? Live in LA! I’m a huge fan, got a perfume line, smell nice, plan my next move. Threats loom, the bad news network blooms, fear sells. Just get em out, the spying neighbors, suspects, terrorists our forefathers intent. ‘If you don’t like it, leave’ and call it democracy.”

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