Visual Arts

31. 10. 2019 - 31. 10. 2019

DobraVaga Gallery



zine workshop

As usual, at the gloomiest zine workshop of the year, we’ll focus on topics relating to Halloween. We’ll reflect on the spaces that scare us. Of course, any ideas and own interpretations of the theme will be welcome, in order to make a wonderfully disgusting group zine.

Together with visual artist and zine author Alin Kostiov we’ll discuss, collage, draw, print zines and listen to scary music. Materials will be provided, and you can also bring your own equipment. 

The workshop is free. Each participant receives his or her copy of the zine. 

The number of participants is limited!

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Alin Kostiov (1993) is a student at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She was born in Ljubljana, where she also lives and works. She is active in illustration and has participated in various group and solo exhibitions.


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