19. 02. 2020

Komuna Hall


The nomadic artistic duo hackedepicciotto, formed by Einstürzende Neubauten bassist Alexander Hacke and famed Berlin Love Parade cofounder Danielle de Picciotto, is returning to Šiška after their supernatural 2017 performance with a brand new album The Current, their strongest so far.

We first met hackedepicciotto in Ljubljana live in 2011, when they warmed us up during Twin Peaks siren Julee Cruise‘s “Burn, Baby, Burn” tour, then again a few years later, when they enchanted us with their retelling of Grimm’s fairy tales with The Ministry Of Wolves project. The album The Current is the fourth the pair has written since the beginning of their now decade-long journey around the world, and will be released just a couple of weeks before the pair’s February return to Šiška.

After the desert drones of the album Perseverantia, which they played for us in 2017, and the dark melodies of its successor Menetekel, the new album moves forward with newfound speed and energy, into more wild, dance-friendly waters, away from hopelessness and depression. The album puts the musical background of both members to good use, as it showcases both the strong rhythms of Einstürzende Neubauten and the symphonic grandiosity of de Picciotto‘s classical music education. Thematically, the cinematic drone compositions draw on the neglected, forgotten working class of Blackpool in Great Britain, where the pair realised that in our fast-paced contemporary society, we have lost touch with our fellow man and our planet. The resulting music is thus a soundtrack to an apocalyptic film – albeit one with a happy end, we hope.

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Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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