12. 12. 2019

Kino Šiška


+ Voivod + Childrain

The prophecies were wrong – the end of the world didn’t happen on 21 December 2012, as it will happen on 12 December 2019, when the sky above Kino Šiška will open and GWAR will land among us.

Outwards, GWAR appear as a heavy metal band in masks. Not just masks, entire stage personas. And not just that – they also have crazy sets, with the whole thing acting like a mix of sci-fi and horror B-films, in a really good way. And the music kicks ass as well! And they did all of this a million years before Lordi etc.

Someone said that GWAR are from the USA. That they’re a quintet of famed American metal scene members. This is, of course, a lie – they’re space conquerors whose names instil fear and terror: Balsac, the Jaws of Death; Jizmak da Gusha; Beefcake the Mighty; Pustulus Maximusand Blothar. In human form, they’re said to be poisoning acts such as Ministry, X-Cops, Pigface and Asphalt Graves.

But they no longer hide under human masks. Now they’re GWAR, who have been spreading their sounds since 1985. Many nations have written since forever about the legendary legacy of these riders of the apocalypse, which has many names – America Must Be Destroyed, Scumdogs of the Universe, Ragnarök, Violence Has Arrivedetc. Killer music, killer sets and a show you definitely don’t see every day.

To ensure the evening will not just be general destruction, we have another alien race that is pretending they’re a Canadian quartet playing progressive thrash. One of the most influential bands in the world, Voivod. Over 30 years, the band have evolved thrash metal beyond all genre limits and influenced countless others, while remaining true to themselves and establishing themselves as one of the most esteemed names on the scene.

The apocalyptic evening will be opened by Childrain.

Tickets available now at and at On-Parole outlets – grab your seat in the front row and see the apocalypse with you own eyes.

Organisation: Dirty Skunks.

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