10. 06. 2017

Congress Square

Goran Bogdanovski: 2:0

Sixteen years after the premiere of the dance hit 1:0 (SNT Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, Glej, 2000), the selection of the Fičo balet original cast decided to perform a dance, football and personal introspection and check how supple their bodies still are and if they are, after all this time, still capable of an appropriate dance-football attack.

The performance 1:0 relaxed the classical ballet sentiment and its gracefulness with football humour and irony, and the cast introduced sports jokes into the proverbially mythical and fairytale narrative of the classical ballet literature, because it missed them somewhat in the serious milieu. 1:0 represents one of the final charming dance-theatre goals of the 1990s, the kind that was characteristic for the performing youthfulness of the first years in the new country and for dance theatre, extraordinarily popular at the time. Spectators will see if the humour of 2:0 can also score a good dance goal against us.

Coach: Goran Bogdanovski
Selection: Dejan Srhoj, Goran Tatar, Damjan Mohorko, Goran Bogdanovski
Super sub: Gregor Luštek
Strategist: Slobodan Maksimović
Expert: Rok Vevar
Technical team: David Cvelbar, Borut Čelik, Kino Šiška
Production: Fičo Balet
Coproduction: Kino Šiška, NOMAD Dance Academy Slovenija, CoFestival 
Supported by: City of Ljubljana and CoTeaching program line of the project DANCE ON PASS ON DREAM ON, co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union

Special thanks: Tomaž Klemenčič, Dare Radulovič and ND Ilirija 1911, Miša Zupančič, Boris Mikšič and Studio Mi, Irena Pivka, Sandra Anais, IGRA I2R d.o.o., Irena Vrtačnik Dujič, Boris Ferenčak and Šport Ljubljana

Duration: 60 min

Organisation: Fičo Balet and Kino Šiška. The performance is part of the June in Ljubljana festival (8.–21. 6.).

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