05. 10. 2018

Komuna Hall

24th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women


+ AmberValent

Putting her high-spirit and frenetic creativity into everything she does, Gnučči writes empowering songs aiming to soundtrack good times. She unleashes her bold and loud feminine energy during her live performances, charging up the room with freedom and fuelling positive interaction. Beyond being a catalyser of energies, her music is ultimately a call to connect, share and care. Whether you are hit by her energetic cadence, witty raps, or her charming voice and hooks, Gnučči is proving herself a vital voice in club music and a must-experience live.

Ana Rab, better known by her stage name Gnučči, is an exuberant Yugoslavian/Swedish artist and performer. Proudly DIY and self-made she’s establishing a name for herself with her unique take on club music. Gnučči uses a wide field of styles, eclectic influences and musical spaces to make bombastic bass-oriented songs.

Swedish artist AmberValent has been called an it-girl – maybe it’s because she basically does everything. Besides being an artist/producer/songwriter, she’s also one of Sweden’s most hired DJs by the name of Hardcore Cutie, and has supported acts such as Gnučči, Princess Nokia and Cherrie. The love for experimenting shines through everything she does, always mashing the unexpected together, resulting in a kaleidoscope of sounds and visuals down memory lane and future jams.

Tickets on sale. Friday Double Battle tickets for the defiant Friday Kino Šiška happening also available for 15 €, you can buy them here.

Organisation: City of Women and Kino Šiška.

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