28. 05. 2019

Komuna Hall


Organicity, multimedia performance and acousmatic music – a journey through the various forms of visual and sonic matter.

From the ElectroAnima Experiment audio-visual performance to acousmatic pieces by contemporary Slovenian, Mexican and French composers, the programme of this evening emphasizes plasticity. The authors are intrigued by how matter can evolve, quieten, multiply or concentrate in accordance with the rules of imagination, how sounds can spread in such a way as to envelop listeners, and how energy flows around them. The participants will attempt to present their research on these issues, each with their own specific approach, style and skills, sharing their vision of momentary creation, this utopian view of our world, with the listeners.


Part one: ElectroAnima Experiment (2017)

An audio-visual performance by Golnaz Behrouznia (live video) and François Donato (live audio).
Concept, visuals and scenography: Golnaz Behrouznia.
Sound and interactive design: François Donato.


Part two: Acousmatic gathering

The electro-acoustic sounds will be played via a multi-channel sound system.

Nina Dragičević (Paralellax 2)
Bojana Šaljić (1000V & Dobrodošli v Dooshaland)
Mauricio Valdes San Emeterio (Ḫāʾ)
Hervé Birolini (Ozone)
François Donato (Struzz)

Tickets on sale at the door.

Organisation: KUD Mreža.

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