09. 02. 2017

Komuna Hall


album promotion

When musical virtuosos from three different cultures, namely Sweden, Slovenia and Brazil, come together with the goal of collaborating on a blend of the folk traditions, stories and musical heritage of their respective environments, our listening pleasure is almost unavoidable.

ELDA Trio, consisting of Swedish singer Emilia Mårtensson, Slovenian multi-instrumentalist Janez Dovč and Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale, released their eponymous debut for the Two Rivers record label in London in the autumn of 2016.

All three members are experienced and renowned improvisers, skilled in musical recreations and interpretations of the folk music of their environments. The central member of the trio is definitely Emilia Mårtensson, recipient of the 2016 Parliamentary Jazz Award for Best Vocalist, who encountered Slovenian folk tradition through her family, which also has roots in Izola. As part of the process of creating the album, Mårtensson spent a month in Izola, reading Slovenian folk tales and writing the bulk of the lyrics for the trio’s debut during this period. In addition to Janez Dovč, the group’s rich and diverse expression is complemented by Brazilian percussionist Adewale, with whom Mårtensson collaborated on her latest solo album Ana.

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