15. 06. 2019

Congress Square

DUAL / Dancers Without Answers

DUAL / Dancers Without Answers comes again in Ljubljana as a discrete urban and choreographed paraphrasing of that which we carry with us and bring along as baggage; on one hand, our actual physical hand luggage, which we curious travellers need, and, on the other hand, something else, possibly a bucket, possibly the serious baggage of all “times and spaces”, that which, again and again, overwhelms our everyday, our pulse, and social fabric.

DUAL / Dancers Without Answers will be set up between June 14th and 19th 2019 on the square next to the Monument to the Victims of All Wars, ancient and recent, into the wars of the complicated, of dualities.

Concept/choreography: Mateja Bučar, in collaboration with Katja Legin and Nataša Živković.

Free entry. In case of strong rainfall please turn to the next date.

Production: The DUM Association of Artists, Coproduction Kino Šiška.

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