23. 03. 2017

Katedrala Hall


premiera dokumentarnega filma

Getting up at 7 AM. School. Lunch. Obligatory study period. Meeting. Cleaning. Free time. Sleeping. Dreams. And a new day.

That is the life of a child, raised by the system. The film takes place in a youth care centre for children removed from socially unsuitable environments. The documentary depicts one year in the lives of four children whose paths would likely have never crossed under different circumstances. Now they share the joy of birthdays, Christmas festivities, waiting in line for the bathroom, study difficulties, conflicts and teenage love. Despite all the regulations and house rules in place, they seek acceptance and shelter in this new home.

Screenwriter and Director: Maja Prettner
Director of Photography: Miha Možina
Editing:: Andrej Nagode, Maja Prettner
Music: Chad Crouch aka Podington Bear
Sound design: Tuan Winkler
Producers: Jani Sever, Janez Ferlan, Bojan Mastilović, Maja Prettner
Executive Producer: Nina Jeglič
Production: Sever & Sever
Co-production: Iridium film and Maja Prettner
93 min, 2016

Organised by Kino Šiška and Sever & Sever.

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